Tips to Restore a Faded Brick Exterior’s Color

The brick exterior can incorporate both aesthetic appeal and energy efficiency into a building. Plus, they are quite maintenance-free. Sadly, dirt, sunlight, and prolonged rain exposure can make brickwork lose its pure color. Because of that, it’s vital to know more about the masonry services below that are intended to let us restore the original color of faded brick exteriors below: 


You can also give your exterior bricks a promising finish by using tuckpointing work, which involves eliminating parts of the faded mortar and applying putty and new mortar in complementary colors along the joints. The outcome is a beautiful and clean impression of well-maintained and narrow well-maintained joints.  

Address underlying problems 

In several instances, faded bricks may indicate more extreme underlying issues, such as efflorescence—a salty and white substance that forms on brick walls. In this case, it’s vital to ask for masonry repair Mesa service first to know the underlying cause of the moisture, which is resulting in efflorescence, before you apply any brick paint or clear paint.  

Expert sealer application 

A sealer application done by the experts can aid in restoring a brickwork’s bright red color while rejuvenating it. This spray tool can guarantee expedient and efficient sealing work. Other brick sealants would need several coats, while some will help in securing with just one layer. 

Remove stubborn stains 

 Do you want to make your old-stained bricks to appear as good as new? If so, there’s a method you can use that’s easy to apply and DIY friendly. You can eliminate deep-seated stains on bricks easily with the help of acid cleaners, and one product that most experts recommend is muriatic acid. But, make sure to be extra careful while using acid cleaners. Such cleaners are usually acidic and have the potential to harm any object they come into contact with when they are not used properly.  

If you plan to do it yourself, make sure to stay safe by wearing safety goggles and rubber gloves. Acid cleaners greatly work if you mix it with water. Moreover, you must never skip to wash it away and leave your clean bricks to dry.   

Gentle cleaning 

Before you decide to use cleaners, see to it that you have your bricks wet. Utilizing a garden hose to wet your exterior bricks is the easiest means of making sure that you keep them wet. Moreover, you put water on a spray bottle and fill it with water. Once the need arises, use it to saturate the surfaces. 

A gentle power wash can be enough to clean dirt and dust from the exterior bricks. For stains that are hard to remove, hiring a mason can help you in scrubbing off the discoloration using soap and a stiff brush before ultimately pouring it with some water. However, for stained or starkly faded brickwork, it’s important to hire specialized services for brick cleaning.  

If ever you need assistance with this, you can always ask for the help of the experts by hiring them right now. 


How to Maintain the Cleanliness of Your Kitchen Sink?

Having a clean kitchen sink Red Deer can incorporate into your commercial kitchen’s overall beauty, offering it an additional sparkle to it. Aside from that, it helps prolong your sink’s lifespan itself. Think about some maintenance and cleaning tips to make sure that your commercial sink will always be clean.  

Add olive oil for additional shine 

If you wish to have that extra sparkle for your commercial sink, olive oil is the answer. If your commercial kitchen’s sink has been thoroughly cleaned and dried, provide it some additional shine by pouring a couple of olive oil drops to a microfiber cloth. Buff the fixtures and sink using a lint-free cloth until they start to shine.  

Bleach to shine 

Shiny and clean porcelain can greatly improve your commercial kitchen’s overall aesthetic, which makes it appear both attractive and clean.  Using paper towels, line your enamel, and soak through using bleach. After that, leave them for thirty minutes and then remove them. If you’re done, rinse it off with water. Remember that bleach can fade the color. Hence, this method would only be used best for steel-colored or white porcelains. 

Create a paste with lemon juice and borax 

Lemon juice is another great agent that eliminates stain. Create a paste that has powdered borax and lemon juice. After running water into the basin, scrub it using a sponge, and then rinse it with running water. Using lemon will be beneficial as a cleansing agent despite the material used for your kitchen sink.  

Get rid of stains with baking soda 

Even if your kitchen sink is made out of a resistant material, it will still obtain stubborn stains that are hard to clean with just regular cleaning formulas. If you can observe any stains in your sink, combine water and baking soda until you get a consistency that’s the same with toothpaste. Then, scrub off stains with a non-abrasive scrubbing pad and rinse it well afterward.  

Scrub everyday 

Everything from water spots, soap deposits, to food stains can build up once you fail to regularly clean them. Provided how often your commercial sink is utilized, it’s essential to regularly scrub your sink, at least every day. After every business hours per day, make sure to apply a non-abrasive cleaner or a dishwashing liquid formula to a bowl of warm water and gently scrub it with a sponge.  

Quick tips 

  • Wash with non-scratching and mild abrasive powder like baking soda, when you need to deep clean your kitchen sink 
  • Prevent water spots from forming on your kitchen sink’s surface by dabbing it dry with a clean towel.  
  • Rinse the surfaces of your sink with warm water after using it every day 
  • Combine tartar and a few teaspoons of lemon juice into a paste to deal with stains and rusts.  
  • Make sure to keep grease, food chunks, hair, and other types of debris far from your drains.  
  • If you want to install a commercial kitchen sink for your newly remodeled kitchen or you want more tips about maintaining it, visit our website always. 

Achieving a Smooth Drywall Repair

Almost every homeowner wants to have a smooth and picture-perfect wall. However, accidents often occur. That’s why you’ve got cracks and holes in the walls.  

It is vital that you’ve got the right products and tools when it comes to patching drywall. There is a possibility that you can damage the walls when you use the low-quality tools and incorrect materials. Because of this, you can end up with costly repairs.  

Fortunately for you, we are here to help. If you want to achieve a smooth wall and keep the drywall repair cost Red Deer low, here are several things to consider: 

Think About the Nail Pops 

It is normal for nails to cross over the drywall. However, nobody wants to look at those ugly nails. Aside from being an aesthetic issue, nail pops can ruin the rest of the wall. 

If you simply paint over the holes, you can’t solve the problem. You’ve got to put the popped nail on the wall and place a plaster screw into the wall below and above the initial damage. 

Then, you’ve got to carefully apply the mix of drywall over the holes. That same nail that you fixed can pop out again at some point if you do not properly do this. Because of this, it’s suggested that you don’t rush the job.  

Properly Apply Tapes 

It can really be frustrating if your room is filled with fallen plaster tapes. Typically, this form of issue happens because of bad decisions or improper installations. You run the risk of falling drywall casts if you pick the wrong material. 

Because of this, in every DIY drywall repair, you should prioritize drywall tape. This will help you guarantee quality and clean outcome. Professionals do not suggest utilizing adhesive tape. You can instead use mesh tape or paper tape.  

Keep in mind that utilizing the correct products and properly using them is vital in all drywall projects. If you don’t, you will end up having a falling tape or a damaged surface. 

Utilize the Correct Mix for DIY Drywall Repair 

It is crucial that you utilize the correct form of the mix for the job before you begin fixing the drywall. Thus, you’ve got to first know the size of the dent, crack, or hole you will be fixing. You can end up with a poor job if you utilize the wrong mix.  

Spackle is the product that’s used to repair drywall. It’s a long-lasting material and simple to use. Leaving a surface for easy sanding is one of the most important advantages you can get with it. To make things simple, if you are cautious, it is something you can do on your own easily.  

However, you’ve got to understand that spackle is only for minor repairs. This includes dents and nail holes. You have to utilize a joint compound if you’ve got bigger holes that you need to fix.  

Before applying any mix, you’ve got to be cautious. The product is expired if you feel that the mix is too dry or hard.