How Stone Veneer Masonry Improves Your Home’s Value

Of all the wall and patio materials utilized in the masonry industry, professionals will immediately pick stone veneer as an ornamental and protective cover for every form of applications. This includes patios, exterior and interior walls, and other forms of structures.  

Almost every manufactured stone veneer weighs about 15 pounds and is 1-inch thick. It is the ideal solution if you want an excellent finish that is appealing but is more sustainable and affordable.  

Today, we’re going to share with you a couple of reasons why you should choose a stone veneer for your next masonry construction Fargo project. 

Enhanced Curb Appeal 

Stone veneer is the right material to choose if you want a substitute for dull cement sidewalks. Stone veneer masonry mimics the look of expensive features. However, it does not cost that much. It will appear like you spent a lot of money to enhance your front yard if you look at it from the curb. Veneer has an elegant and timeless appearance that works well in any home design. 

Versatile Applications and Flexible Designs 

When it comes to styling, natural stone can be hard to connect. While there are a lot of available stone options, they are still restricted in their decorative capabilities. Meanwhile, stone veneer masonry can be tailored to fit your needs. You can use it for more applications and in different settings such as walkways, fire pits, stone walls, home walls, patios, and much more. You can use stone veneers in almost anything you want.  

High Resale Value 

Nowadays, people are looking for new houses that appear vibrant and fresh. Stone veneers provide these new homeowners exactly what they want. It will always look brand new since it does not crack or fade. According to studies, houses that incorporate stone veneers have a better resale value compared to others. It is a preferred material of real estate agents, contractors, homeowners, and other individuals in the industry. Homeowners don’t have to worry about coming into immediate repairs when they buy a house that has a wall or floor veneer. It is an expense that they do not have to think about. 

It’s Very Durable 

Over the years, the stone veneer has surpassed actual stone when it comes to strength and durability. Though actual stone will fade and crack over time, veneer stones appear to last for a longer period. A veneer can even outlast the lifespan of your house when installed properly. It does not require a lot of maintenance compared to actual stone and it preserves its look for a longer period. Stone veneer siding can also withstand every single element such as atmospheric moisture, high winds, thermal rays, and heat.  

Easy to Fix 

It can be hard to replace actual stones over time once they are set. Because of this, you might have to tear down the whole structure if you want to fix something. On the other hand, veneer does not work that way. If you want to fix something, you can easily do so with veneer.  


How to Make Your Kitchen Child-Friendly?

It is vital to childproof your kitchen, whether you are a grandparent planning to have grandchildren over more often, have a toddler ready to walk, or just found out that you are having a baby. Your kitchen is filled with flammable materials, sharp edges, harsh corners, and hard surfaces. Of course, these things capture your kids’ attention.  

Today, we are going to share with you a couple of suggestions that can make your kitchen child-friendly. Child-friendly features, such as accessible kitchen sink Frisco, will jump-start your childproofing efforts if you are considering a kitchen renovation at some point. Here are a couple of considerations to make: 

Kid-Friendly Storage 

You should have a particular cabinet and/or drawer in the under-cabinet area and fill it with the utensils, cups, bowls, plates, as well as some of the preferred snacks of your kids. Fridge drawers can be ideal for this aspect as well. With this, children have everything they require at a safe operating level.  

Touch-Free Faucets 

Kids will have a difficult time turning off and on the faucets. Oftentimes, they can unintentionally turn the hot water on. This is not great for their sensitive skin. The answer to this problem is touch-free faucets. You can pre-set the faucet to work at a safe temperature when used and can be adjusted when the faucet is already working.  

Low Countertop Height 

Think about reducing the height of a particular part of the countertop to accommodate the height of your kid. Kids can prepare their own food safely without standing on chairs or stretching if they have a kitchen surface that they can easily reach. If your kid needs to stand on a chair to reach the countertop, they are extremely vulnerable to accidents.  

Hygienic Options 

Children smash, splatter, drop, and spill. In addition to that, they are a bit secretive about it. However, even if you catch the accident in action or tell you that they’ve created a mess, you still have to do a lot of cleaning. Because of this, you have to choose Corian and Quartz countertops since they are hygienic, easy to maintain, easy to clean, and extremely durable.  

Round the Edges 

You will have a lot of choices for the slab edge details of the countertop if you pick the countertop surface. A lot of experts suggest utilizing a style with a rounded edge. This is because it is much safer when kids bump their fragile heads.  

There are still things you can do even if you do not have a child-friendly kitchen design. For example, you can move dangerous items, such as small appliances, sharp knives, and much more to areas where your kids can’t reach them. You can also make sure that your cabinets and drawers are locked so that kids can’t simply take items from it. Finally, the simplest thing you can do is to replace all your toxic kitchen cleaners with eco-friendly and non-toxic products. You can even clean your kitchen with just water and a bit of vinegar.  


Achieving a Smooth Drywall Repair

Almost every homeowner wants to have a smooth and picture-perfect wall. However, accidents often occur. That’s why you’ve got cracks and holes in the walls.  

It is vital that you’ve got the right products and tools when it comes to patching drywall. There is a possibility that you can damage the walls when you use the low-quality tools and incorrect materials. Because of this, you can end up with costly repairs.  

Fortunately for you, we are here to help. If you want to achieve a smooth wall and keep the drywall repair cost Red Deer low, here are several things to consider: 

Think About the Nail Pops 

It is normal for nails to cross over the drywall. However, nobody wants to look at those ugly nails. Aside from being an aesthetic issue, nail pops can ruin the rest of the wall. 

If you simply paint over the holes, you can’t solve the problem. You’ve got to put the popped nail on the wall and place a plaster screw into the wall below and above the initial damage. 

Then, you’ve got to carefully apply the mix of drywall over the holes. That same nail that you fixed can pop out again at some point if you do not properly do this. Because of this, it’s suggested that you don’t rush the job.  

Properly Apply Tapes 

It can really be frustrating if your room is filled with fallen plaster tapes. Typically, this form of issue happens because of bad decisions or improper installations. You run the risk of falling drywall casts if you pick the wrong material. 

Because of this, in every DIY drywall repair, you should prioritize drywall tape. This will help you guarantee quality and clean outcome. Professionals do not suggest utilizing adhesive tape. You can instead use mesh tape or paper tape.  

Keep in mind that utilizing the correct products and properly using them is vital in all drywall projects. If you don’t, you will end up having a falling tape or a damaged surface. 

Utilize the Correct Mix for DIY Drywall Repair 

It is crucial that you utilize the correct form of the mix for the job before you begin fixing the drywall. Thus, you’ve got to first know the size of the dent, crack, or hole you will be fixing. You can end up with a poor job if you utilize the wrong mix.  

Spackle is the product that’s used to repair drywall. It’s a long-lasting material and simple to use. Leaving a surface for easy sanding is one of the most important advantages you can get with it. To make things simple, if you are cautious, it is something you can do on your own easily.  

However, you’ve got to understand that spackle is only for minor repairs. This includes dents and nail holes. You have to utilize a joint compound if you’ve got bigger holes that you need to fix.  

Before applying any mix, you’ve got to be cautious. The product is expired if you feel that the mix is too dry or hard.